Hidden Camera Detector : CCTV Finder & Spy Camera

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Hidden Camera Detector : CCTV Finder & Spy Camera

This Hidden Camera Detector easily detects hidden camera and microphones. It allows its users to detect hidden camera and microphone just by using an android phone. Hidden Camera Detector is the solution to privacy. It is free to download and is a great option to detect hidden camera. It detects hidden devices easily.

Magnetometer feature need to have magnetic sensor in your phone, other wise this feature will not work.

How to use this app. How to find camera ?
Move app near to any device that you have doubt. For example - shower, flowerpot, lens looking part or changing room mirror.

This app analyse the magnetic activity around the device. If magnetic activity seems similar to that of camera, this app will beep and raise alarm for you so that you can further investigate.

You have to move app facing your sensor towards the object.To know sensor position of your phone, have any camera and move nearby top of your phone and bottom of your phone. When it beeps, you find the sensor position

Infrared camera detector - This app has one more tool which is detect infrared lights.Just open the infrared detector and scan for white light that appear on screen but not visible by naked eye. Such white light indicate infrared light.It could be infrared camera. Your normal cam can also detect it but what we have is inbuilt feature with luminescence effect.

This Camera Detector is the best anti spy bug app which can also be used as electronic bug detector. This allows you to find spy bugs and cams around you. Detecting Hidden Camera was never that easy. Hidden Camera Detector lets you detect hidden Devices around you so that no one can spy you.

Spy Camera Detector or spy camera founder is very handy in finding hidden camera, spy cams shrouded in different objects also detects spy hidden camera. Secrets cameras such as glint, detective camera and other spy cam, spy tools can be shrouded in a vestiaire. These spy intelligence can record your images.

Features :
-Hidden Camera Detector and Locator
-Magnetic Field Detection
-Great hidden device finder app
-Easy Interface
-Infrared Spy Hidden Camera Detector
-Hidden Camera Metal Detector
-Secures your privacy
-Hidden IR Camera Detector
-Discover camera with magnetic field
-Instantly shows any detected devices
-It has accurate measurements
-Magnetic Sensor
-Detect hidden camera by radiation

Hidden Camera Detector and Device Detector allows you to detect hidden camera and devices in your surroundings either by the use of Camera Detector feature of this app or by sensing the magnetic field of the electronic device.


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