Tough Road Runner - Fun Endless Running Game

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Tough Road Runner is a fun, simple traffic run game. This will test your nerves and reflexes but will get you hooked before you know it. Help Danny run and jump to avoid both oncoming traffic and static objects like bombs. While Danny is doing his traffic run, be sure to run and collect the coins and food along the way. Tough Road Runner is specially designed with single to triple jump actions and is a non-stop, endless running game.
Danny was born to run and the more you help him run and collect coins the higher your score will be. By dodging traffic and avoiding obstacles, you will feel like you are in a super fun, endless ninja race.

Features of Tough Road Runner – Traffic Game:

- Easy and Simple to understand run game
- Fast pace with smooth controls for run and jump moves
- Dodge crazy traffic and bombs to move forward
- Run and collect food and points
- Endless game play- the longer you go, the more you collect, the higher the score
- Keeps track of your highest score
- Great way to pass the time
- Most addictive run game
- Fun colors and background music
- Control the music settings

What are you waiting for? Download this fun, free roadrunner game today and see if you have what it takes to get the ultimate high score.

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