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Music Nur is the biggest collection of Kazakh singers🕺🏻 and a huge variety of worldwide hits🌏 in one place!
In our app:
· Listen to music online: all trending songs from most popular singers of Kazakhstan, such as Kairat Nurtas, Toregali Toreali, Raim & Artur, Jah Khalib, Ernar Aidar
· Be the first to hear what’s new from Egor Kreed, Timati, Skriptonit, Feduk, Olga Buzova, Imagine Dragons, Allj, Nusha, Bjanka, Maks Barskih, Eminem, Maroon, Rita Ora, David Guetta, Sia
· Listen to high-quality playlists made by music specialists exclusively for our users! They are the best for all the occasions and activities: for sport, to relax, for kids, in the car, and many others
· Huge choice of genres for any taste: Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic, Metal, Pank, Blues, Country, Classic, Chanson, and so on!
· Only legal music: we appreciate the work our favourite artists have done to create these songs, so we pay the fee for letting you listen to music!
· Free mode: you can listen to music online, have access to our exclusive playlists, all the music, artists and albums, but only with the internet access

For 840 KTZ only you will get Premium subscription and ability to:
· Download music and listen to your favourite songs offline with no internet connection required
· Download any song you want
· Listen to the best songs in high fidelity
· Create your own playlist
· Use the app without any ads
· Support your favourite singers! All the music in our app is absolutely legal

You don’t have to seek where to download all Kairat Nurtas’ songs or music by Dimash Kudaibergenov! You can listen to all of them online for free or download with the premium subscription! Try now and you will definitely like it!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at support@music.nur.kz. We will be happy to help!


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