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“Online loan” - your little helper, a genie 👳 in a bottle, who waits humbly for an hour until the master rub a lamp and make a wish. Our genie, of course, is not omnipotent, but will provide financial assistance instantly!

What does our genie 👳 know?

💡 We have done everything so that with our application the chance of approving a loan for you is as possible! 97%, is it a joke? No, we are absolutely serious, try it yourself.

💡 Healthy competition among our partner banks forces them to lower and lower interest rates, to offer more and more favorable loan conditions - all in order to attract you to them, and not to competitors. And it is play into your hand!

💡We have made efforts to create the most convenient functionality in the application with additional options, such as a loan repayment calculator, tracking currency rates for foreign currency loans.

💡In addition to all this, we constantly monitor offers among dozens of banks, choosing the most profitable for you and updating the list of partner banks on a regular basis.

💡 And after all, nothing prevents you from sending applications to several banks at once, increasing the already huge chance of loan approval. And even if you have problems with your credit history, thanks to our efforts, here you can find offers with minimal amounts that will be approved without any problems!
And remember, repaying each such loan will improve your credit history and allow you to borrow large amounts. With our app you will really know what are the real online loan!

👳‍♀️ Lending conditions:

Minimum and maximum loan repayment period:
- from 66 to 365 days

Max. annual interest rate (%), including loan rate (%), as well as all other rates and fees for 1 year:
- from 0% to 25% per annum, depending on the amount issued, credit rating and additional documents.

An example of calculating the repayment of a regular loan with all added fees:
- loan 1.000 $ | + 0,7 $ per day (0.07%) | In total, 1.250 $ (100% + 25%) will need to be returned - in 1 year

Violation of terms - payment of a penalty of 0.10% of the total amount of delay for each day, but not more than 10% of the loan amount.

Be sure to pay loans online on time, if you are not sure about it, you better not take a loan at all!
Attention, with a long delay - the information will be reflected in your credit history and credit score.

✋ Requirements for borrowers:
age from 18 to 75 years

LLC MCC "SovetInvestKapital"
License No. 1197746246202
107497, Moscow, Blvd. Karelsky, d. 21, building. 1, floor / room / office, 1 / IV / 1M

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Our service “Online loan” is not a lender and does not issue loans. All lenders who are compared have a corresponding license of a credit institution.

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