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MyWatt has been renewed and offers even greater possibilities to WATT + VOLT customers.
Now you have the complete control of your bill and may enjoy innovative services easily and quickly via MyWatt App.

Itemized bills

Learn everything about your bill analysis with a clear indication of the charges for the energy you consume. Track their expiration date, the differences in the consumption among your current bills and older ones and download whichever you wish in a pdf format.

History and comparison

Track the decrease or increase in your consumption compared to the last four months and at the same time gain access to your history, observe each seasonal consumption and discover new ways of saving energy.

Easy, quick and safe payments

Pay your bills easily, quickly and safely via credit or debit card by having a complete and clear overview of all the payments you have made for each service.

Submit your measurements

You can register your meter indication on your own. In this way you are benefited from receiving only a “Clearance Bill” each month and by paying the energy you have truly consumed, putting an end to “On Account Bills” that include an estimated consumption. Thus, you can pre-estimate your monthly expenses in a more efficient manner.
Track your priced indications to have a clear overview of your consumption profile, as well as to be aware of when to register your indications.

Information and communication

Learn everything about the WATT + VOLT offers. Also, MyWatt offers the ability to render services anywhere you are by directly calling the Customer Service Department at 183 83 or by completing the communication form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

Activate MyWatt now and gain the complete control of your bill!

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