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パブリッシャー: Live wallpapers 2020
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Unicorn live wallpapers is a new app for girls and boys with cute animations and beautiful unicorns images. You will find 20 images with pegasus and unicorns ,beautiful hearts and diamonds with shiny elements. All elements will fall over the screen. Create your own live wallpaper, choose your image and elements and personalize it as you wish, you can choose from those elements: hearts, rainbow, diamonds, butterflies.

You can also set all the backgrounds you see in Unicorn live wallpapers as normal phone wallpapers with no animations.

What you will find in Unicorn live wallpapers:
❀ high quality wallpapers: with 3D elements and cute pink or blue hearts.
❀ Suitable app for girls and boys who like cartoon or real unicorns.

- Unique live wallpapers with exclusive design and cool backgrounds.

New features:
- more than 8 different particles
- more than 10 different animations
- Magic touch: highly requested, now you have a live wallpaper that you can play with. We added 5 different touch effects. You can always disable this feature.
- Various options for the particles. Maybe you want more particles on your screen? Or you want them to move faster? Or maybe you just want them to be bigger.
-Add your own image and create your own live wallpapers, add your selfie and put some animations and you are all set.

We hope you enjoy our redesigned and feature packed new live wallpaper app!

It's easy to apply Unicorn live wallpapers. Choose your background, choose your metal shapes, click apply and Set wallpaper.
If that doesn't work apply Unicorn live wallpapers from your phone's live wallpapers list.


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