Lucy: Menstruációs- Periódus- és Ovuláció naptár

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What is this and why is Lucy good for me?

Lucy helps you keep track of when you are menstruating, when you are fertile and, in a unique way, first in mobile apps, warns you if you need to consult a gynecologist based on your symptoms. Lucy is your personal gynecological assistant, helping to take care of your female health.

How does Lucy take care of my health?

As you add more and more data about yourself, it is being checked by an artificial intelligence to see if you have the potential for the following diseases based on your symptoms: endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, ovarian cyst, pelvic inflammation, diabetes, insulin resistance. If your symptoms indicate you might have one of these, Lucy will let you know. In the app you will find the most important information about the various diseases compiled by experts, as well as a list of expert doctors you can turn to and make sure that you get the best care if needed.

How does Lucy help me get a more accurate diagnosis than my gynecologist?

It doesn't. But it gives another point of view - if you regularly record your data, it will collect the most important information for you and make a summary that you can show to your doctor, which will give you a much more accurate picture of your health, primarily gynecologically, and give you more accurate treatment if needed.

What more can Lucy do to help?

- It helps in family planning so you know when you are fertile and when you are not
- Warns before expected menstruation
- Warns you when you are fertile,
- Warns you if you have PMS symptoms the next day
- If you are expecting a baby, it will help you keep track of your pregnancy (at what week or when your baby is expected to be born)
- It helps you keep track of your weight

Why did we create Lucy?

One in five women in the world is affected by a gynecological disorder that can often be diagnosed in many years and often too late. Many have been trying for years to have their baby, but to no avail. In many cases, patients are misdiagnosed due to the misunderstanding of their physical symptoms and, as a result, are not receiving effective treatment. We've heard countless heartbreaking stories.
We believe this should not be the case. Everyone deserves access to the best possible medical treatment and the greatest chance of a healthy female life.


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