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Imagine walking into the closest 7-Eleven, popping into the cafe next door, or making a pit-stop at the grocery store down the street. We’ve turned them all into ATMs, so you can easily withdraw money from just about anywhere, anytime. Just look for the closest cash register!

Withdrawing money should be easy and rewarding.

With SOCASH, it can be.

Withdraw money at a cashpoint around the corner.
With every transaction, earn Deals from 50+ of your favourite brands.
Continue using SOCASH to unlock Rewards.

How to use SOCASH:

(1) Enter cash amount
(2) Select cashpoint
(3) Scan QR code at the cashier

Where are we located?

We’re currently operating in sunny Singapore! Our goals are ambitious and we have plans to expand on the horizon. Next on the map: Indonesia & Malaysia.

More banks by our side.

We’re bridging the gap between you and your bank. So far, we’ve partnered with leading global banks including DBS Bank, POSB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and ICBC Bank. More banks are joining our network soon. Stay tuned!

Using SOCASH is simple, smart, and secure.

But why take our word for it, download SOCASH for free in just a few clicks.
Get $5 when you download for SOCASH with promo code “HI5”.

Five fast facts about SOCASH:

(1) 100,000+ mobile app users enjoy the benefits of SOCASH everyday
(2) Thousands of shops in Singapore partner with SOCASH, this number goes up every week
(3) We’re proud to be the first recipient of the FSTI grant from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)
(4) Our ideas and goals are supported by Vertex Ventures (VC subsidiary of Temasek Holding)
(5) We’re popular in the press: Find us on The Straits Times, Tech in Asia, Yahoo News, The Business Times, E27, more

We reward you to withdraw money, an ATM just can’t compete.

Discover the easier way to withdraw money & earn Rewards & Deals from 50+ of your favourite brands.

Connect with our community!

Instagram: @socashapp
Facebook: @socashapp

Complaints, concerns, questions?

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