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ランキング推移は、Google PlayアプリストアにおけるVOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheelsの人気の推移を表示します。各国、カテゴリ、デバイスごとに、毎日・毎時間におけるVOI Scooters: Get Magic Wheelsの履歴を追うことが可能です。
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Ride the future on a Voi scooter. The easy, fun, and eco-friendly way to travel, commute and explore your city. Unlock a Voi and travel in total freedom - all free from emissions.

Voi is ideal for the big adventure or for the last few hundred meters:

- Morning and evening commutes

- Fast travel across the city to meetings

- Rides to or from class

- Join friends for dinner or a date

- Explore new cities while on vacation and go on urban adventures

How Voi works:

1. Download the app and log in

2. Find an e-scooter nearby

3. Unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code

4. Ride to your destination and end your ride in the app


It costs 1€ (€0 in Spain), 10 KR, 10 DKK (30 DKK in Åårhus) or 10 NOK to unlock a scooter, and then you pay per minute. The minute price varies from city to city, so find your minute price by tapping a scooter in the app!

Why do you need Voi? There's nothing quite like it. Voi’s electric scooters offer a quicker alternative to walking, a smoother alternative to riding a bicycle and a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel-driven buses, taxis, mopeds and cars. It’s a space saver, helping to reduce congestion and pollution.

Voi wants cities all over Europe to be greener. And the people who live in those cities to be happier. We believe e-scooters can change how people move in cities. Voi’s vision is cities that are made for living—free from noise and pollution.

Ride Voi in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy

Download the Voi app and get magic wheels.

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