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"Live beautifully & be well with FiNC"

- Your personal coach AI will recommend fun contents especially for you.

FiNC assesses your interests and concerns and picks out recipes, fitness & lifestyle contents using artificial intelligence (AI).
Specialist content authors create and distribute information about health & beauty every day within the app.
The app is full of effective beauty and health tips - rich contents like healthy recipes designed by dietitians & food researchers, exercises suggested by professional trainers.

Celebrities, models, pro athletes are part of the community

Inspirational figures share health and beauty tips!
Models share secrets for how to get in shape for photo shoots, celebrities share beauty tips in their timelines!
This and much more health and beauty tips that you can't find in other SNS communities.
High-profile official account users are joining continuously - you could find tips from your favorite stars!

Special vouchers for health and beauty services at members-only prices

Vouchers to use gyms and yoga studios at special discounts to keep in shape!
Travel discounts are also available - why not reward your efforts with a trip somewhere?
We want you to enjoy everyday as the beautiful person that you are.

Link with your health data

Link the app with a Fitbit® wearable and/or your Health app for automatic data collection of things like steps and sleep.

・Supported: Android 4.0.3 or later
・Recommended: Android 4.4 or later with RAM 2 GB or more

*Some features of the third-party device may not operate correctly.
*Supported devices and environments may change with future updates.

Some of the options in this app use location data. Permission to the location data is necessary for the distribution of check-in bonuses and other location-based services.
For this reason, the GPS needs to run in the background and may consumes battery power. You can change this setting from your smartphone's Settings > Privacy and safety > Location.
*Settings may vary by device.

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