Russian Loto - 90 Ball Bingo

パブリッシャー: Marusov
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Loto – it’s classic Russian game for everyone from kids to old people.
The player chooses a card with numbers. The game uses 90 balls. The winner is the first person to fill in their cards.

In our app there are 5 types of games:
# Short - the winner is the first person to close any line
# Simple – wins the first card closed entirely
# Long – you have to close all the cards
# Three-by-three. To win you need to close the bottom row of one of the cards
# 5 chips - our exclusive for true Lotto lovers

+ The numbers are announced by professional speakers in 2 languages: Russian and English
+ Big cards and big numbers
+ You can choose your favorite cards before the game
+ You can get the balls "manually" or choose your comfortable speed
+ You can close the current ball and the previous one

+ You can play with Android
+ You can play by Bluetooth
+ No Internet required to play
+ Detailed statistics

The game is useful for children.
Teaches numbers up to 90, teaches to speak numbers, find numbers.
Develops care.
You can listen to the pronunciation of numbers. Voiced by a native speaker.

90 loto lotos domina русское 75 188 alias ビンゴ5 ove играх blot русские 37 blots tombola rinda bura 131 ロト7

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