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Loan Products
✓ Amount of Money Loans:RM 500 - RM 20, 000
✓ Duration: 3 Months - 24 Months
✓ Yearly Interest : 18% / year

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MBL mobile application-based online loans that are fast, safe and reliable in Malaysia

116, Jalan 2/23A, Taman Danau Kota, Setapak, 53300, Kuala Lumpur

Why Choose Us?
Nominal Variable Loans
MBL offers loans amount starting from RM 500 to RM 20, 000. Users can selecting the loan amount according to their personal needs.

Fast and practical loan process
Download MBL on Google Play, then you required to complete personal information

Quality Services
MBL provides the best service, customers can apply for money loans online, with low interest

VIP Member / Exclusive Member
Especially for LOYALTY CUSTOMERS, they get a bigger money credit limit, long and quick loan tenor in a few minutes.

Easy Repayment
You can pay via ATM transfer or Online Banking.

Customer Service
If you have questions or complaints, please contact us through the online services available in our application or call our customer service number. We are ready to serve you with all my heart.

Privacy and Security Guarantee
MBL will protect your information and will not disclose your information to third party. Our credit services provided have proven to be safe and reliable.

Easy Ways to Apply for Funding Loans
1. Download the MBL App on the Google Play Store
2. Register & Login on the MBL Application with your mobile number
3. Apply for an online loan
4. Approval for loan application (Fastest Minutes)
5. Fast funds are disbursed directly into your account

You can apply for our loan service for various financial needs including consumptive expenses, business capital loans, productive loans such as loans for farmers, education loans, etc.

What are you waiting for? Hurry apply for unsecured loans easily, quickly and safely from the MBL application! Meet unexpected needs ONLY with fast online money loans without the hassle of MBL!


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