Moldcell Super Quiz

パブリッシャー: Moldcell S.A.
価格: トップ無料


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Do you really love general knowledge tests? So it's time to try something new and win super prizes! How about daily Internet traffic, weekly account top ups or a new smartphone every month? If you are a Moldcell subscriber - it's your chance. Download the app and win!

Super Quiz. What is it?
It’s an app with thousands of questions, including photo, video and audio try-outs. Do you think you can guess where a particular photo was taken? Or who is singing a certain song? Start Super Quiz! Questions will get more complicated a long the way. So be ready to face them.

How does it function?
1. Download the app. It’s free of charge. You will pay only for the used Internet traffic.
2. After you install the app, introduce your Moldcell number (in 373 7xx xxx xx format) and wait for a SMS-confirmation.
3. Enter the SMS-code in the corresponding field to close the registration.
4. And now you can buy questions directly from the app or via SMS.

How are the points allocated?
- Each correct answer brings you 10 points.
- Each consecutive correct answer gets 10 points + 2n bonus points for consecutiveness (where n corresponds to the question order), starting from the 2nd till the 6th answer).
- After the 6th consecutive correct answer, the number of points will not increase and will remain at 42 points until the first wrong answer or until the end of the quiz.
- For each wrong answer the subscriber will not lose points, but will loose the bonus for the correct answers consecutiveness. Thus, after a wrong answer, the following correct answer will get 10 points only.

1 GB of Internet for 7 days (daily)
Money on Moldcell account: I place – 500 lei, II place – 300 lei, III place – 200 lei (weekly)
Smartphone (monthly)

The app is available for all Moldcell subscribers, individuals only.
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