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When you are asking someone to take a photo of you,
Don't explain, just SHOW it.

1. SHOW your ideal composition

In Normal Mode, you can visualize your own composition on the camera screen. Choose a pose, size it and move it to the position you want. Then, hand it to anyone and ask for a photo. Anyone could take the best photo as you desired.

2. GUIDE a photographer to take the perfect background as well

If you want to show your background, go into the Background Mode. Take a background picture that you want to take with, which will appear translucent on the screen. Then, hand it to anyone to overlap the screen and the pre-set background.

3. Enjoy various filter effects
SOVS is ready to create your perfect shot. Complete your best shot with SOVS filters.

SOVS is the acronym for SomeOne Very Special. It reflects our vision 'Cherish your moments with someone very special.'

Please don't hesitate to contact us!

(Details for permissions required within the SOVS app)
• CAMERA: Required to run the camera
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required to retrieve images from external storage
• WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required to save photos in album after taking a photo

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