NZ Topo50 Offline Sth Island Map and Hunting Areas

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Complete 1:50k offline topographic map coverage using the LINZ NZTopo50 series maps. The maps are included fully with the install. No additional downloads, no account signup, no missing tiles, no added fees, just seamless offline pan and zoom across the whole North Island.

Ideal for back country navigation without cell phone access. Popular with trampers, walkers, bikers, runners, hunters, SARS, Te Araroa walkers.

Navigation functions includes GPS positioning, track logging, user waypoints, orientation (compass), altitude and speed display, and distance and bearing to points on the map. Search for and zoom to named places and features on the map. Tracks and waypoints can be imported, exported, and shared in kml format.

Te Araroa walkers: Check our Facebook page for a link to import all of the Te Araroa track sections into the app.

Hunters: An overlay showing DOC open permit hunting boundaries is included. This shows all current permit boundaries in detail so you can determine where you are in relation to the boundaries as you go.

This app is built from the ground up to use the NZ national map grid, not the global average WGS84 datum commonly used which distorts the map. This is easy to spot. A true NZ grid will give you perfectly parallel gridlines when the LINZ map is projected onto it.

No internet or cellular phone connection is needed for full use of all the maps and navigation functions.

The storage space required for this app is reasonably large. Ensure you have sufficient space available.

Made in NZ.

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