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Is it difficult to do nutrition care?
Takes a long time to calculate nutrition requirement manually?
make your move to the simple way
NS Andro will help you.
Enjoy the easiness to do your work

NS Andro will help you calculating your nutritional status and nutritional requirement's patient
So it's going to be faster and easier than manual method
We provide many formula so you can choose it wisely depend on your patient's condition
This app is designed for professional dietitian to do the nutrition care. Common people still can use this app but need more guidance from dietitian.

1. formulas to calculate antropometric measurement in spesific condition patients :
a. knee height, arm span, elbow breadth, demispan and ulna calculation
b. calculating weight using knee height and mid upper arm circumference, wrist circumference, oedem condition, amputation, etc.

2. determine nutritional status in :
a. adult, adolesence, infant, childhood, pregnant women
b. weight gain in pregnant women
c. MUAC / A
d. another WHO methods

3. formula to calculate energy :
a. Harris-Benedict
b. Mifflin-St. Jeor
c. Schofield
d. Ireton-Jones
e. Penn State
f. WHO Formula
g. Nutrition Parenteral and Enteral Journal
h. Consensus of PERKENI (Indonesian Endocronology Association)
i. Adjustment Energy

4. Macro Nutrient and Fluid Requirement

5. Unit Converter :
a. Mass
b. Length
c. Dry Volume
d. Liquid Volume
e. Energy
f. Temperature
g. Salt
h. Electrolyte
i. Plasma

6. Age Calculation and Age Correction for Prematurity

Get the new experience doing your work easily with NS Andro
The easiness is in your hand

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