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Hi and welcome to my app for video downloading from app OK.RU (aka has lots of interesting content, sometimes I find myself spending hours just going from one video to another. Well, sometimes I want to download some videos from, cause you know, most of them you only see once in that endless feed, they disappear and may never come up again. And to preserve those videos on my phone, I use this app now, - video downloader. What can my app do?
Here you go:

1. Download Odnoklassniki videos

With my app you can download and save all the amazing videos Odnoklassniki community has to offer. Download my app to your device to watch offline.

2. How to use OKVid to save OK.RU videos?

How to use my app in 3 simple steps:

==> Step 1.
Just use the official OK.RU app, then click the share button in the video you want to download or copy its URL address from internet browser or mobile app.
==> Step 2.
Select the "odnoklassniki video downloader for" app from list or open my app, paste video URL you copied into the white search box on top and hit DOWNLOAD button.
==> Step 3. Now you can select video quality and download exactly what you want with many options offered.
Note: Downloaded videos are automatically added to your album and stored in the Phone /OK-Downloader

Thank you for your using app Download Videos High-quality Video Downloader, if has any suggestions, please email to me to fix it! Thank you! ok ru odnoklassniki одноклассников okru однок ок одноклассники ok o k r u how r u ru video download ed2k

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