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Hinow is a wonderful online video chat app for you to meet new people instantly and have live talk with pretty girls or handsome boys all over the world. Go live, with real time video chat, and connect with anyone from the anywhere in the world with a single tap! It is a really easy and fast way to meet new people and make friends around the globe!

☆ Private video chat with privacy and security.
☆ One on one video chat with faster, high quality and low-latency.
☆ One on one voice chat with cheap price and voice changer features.
☆ Random video chat with auto gaussian blur to protect you.
☆ Daily check in provide you the best giveback plan.
☆ 12 exclusive VIP privileges.

【Main features】

☆ One on One Video chat & AR Stickers
Up to 1080P high quality and extreme low-latency video chatting. 10+ AR Stickers realtime render.

☆ One on One Voice chat & Voice Changer
Just 30% of video chat price. Try to be old man, little girl and a baby in 1 second.

☆ Random Chat & Auto Blur
You never know who will the next. You can see clearly when the other side show their face. Or you just see gaussian blur.

☆ Realtime Face Beauty
Remove acne and speckle, smooth and glowing skin during all your video chatting.

☆ Daily Checkin
Get free points everyday, the best giveback plan for paid users so far.

☆ VIP Privileges
Free messages, 1080P video chat, No ads, Octuple daily checkin, No limitations for album, Exclusive VIP flag.

Support and stay connected
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hinowApp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiNowApp/
Email: service@hinow.tv

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