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MixChannel is a completely new video communication application. With just a tap you can easily create short movies. Add back ground music or dubbing with your own voice. Interact with a variety of people by publishing short movies that you create to different communities. Through videos you can experience a new kind of communication. You can also be share your videos with friends by the SNS and e-mail.

[ MixChannel's Main Features ]
◆ Make videos with ease
Anyone video can be created easily. You can easily shoot videos with just a tap with your finger, you can edit your movie intuitively stitched the photos and video and video on the album. You can also add music or your own voice as BGM.

◆ Filters
Use image filters to transform your videos like magic.

◆ Social video
Publish your videos to different communities. Like and comment on the videos of many other users.

◆ Linking
Use another video as source material and create a collaboration or arrangement. Try this new type of video communication.

◆ Share with your friends
Share your videos via SNS or mail with your friends outside of the app.

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