Whats Web Scan Pro (No Ads)

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**** Whats Web scan Pro (No Ads) ****

Whats Web scan Pro and status saver is a simple free application for whats web, whats direct chat and whats app status saver.

Whatsweb is an very useful app which open same account on multiple device. And status saver saves your favorite whats app status to your gallery.

Whats Web: Would you like to open two account in same device or same account in multiple devices then this app for you. Now you can use same account in multiple device.

Status saver: Save and Share your friends whatsapp status in just one click. You can manage delete copy and repost to Whatz app again in just one click.

Whatz scan : an very useful app which open same account on multiple device. You can take screen shot, refresh it easily. All screen shot you can save into device easily in one click.

Direct Chat : This neat feature lets you chat with anyone without having their phone number saved on your device. Simply select a country?? & enter the aforementioned phone number to start chatting instantly.

** Features : **
# Whatscan Pro - Latest Chat App
# Whatscan Pro : Status Saver
# Status Saver - Direct Chat
# Whatscan Pro - Latest Chat & Status Save 2019
# Whatz Web Scan 2019
# Whats-web Scan & Whatsscan cloner
# Whats Web Scan - Life Time Free
# Whats Web Scan - Ads Free
# Easy to Use
# Faster Scanning
# Scan the Code and Start chat in just a click

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Disclaimer: Whats Web scan Pro and status saver use whatsApp's web.whatsapp.com to login on the other device. It is not an official application or any association with whatsapp inc.


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