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Trace it, Try it - Handwriting Exercises for Kids

パブリッシャー: This Reading Mama, LLC
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価格: 2.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Handwriting. It’s one of those subjects that is often not so fun for kids. It can be accompanied by pages and pages of workbooks. These types of handwriting exercises can make our kids want to throw in the towel. (And if we’re honest, we might, too!)

But we simply can’t ignore handwriting. It’s one of the important foundations for writing. If kids struggle with handwriting, it can become a distraction from writing the message.

That’s what makes the Trace It! Try It! app so exciting. Based on This Reading Mama’s free Trace it! Try it! pages for letters and numbers, this app gives kids lots of practice with handwriting using activities that are fun and engaging.

With this app, kids will learn the stroke patterns for uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers 0-20 and basic CVC words. A free play practice section is included as well as mini-games, which add to the fun and learning.


Uppercase and Lowercase Letters- Letters are grouped by similar stroke patterns and presented in a way that’s developmentally appropriate for young writers. Users trace each letter twice with guidance, then try it on their own. Once three letters have been completed, kids can play a fun mini-game with stickers and painting that relate to the letters that were just practiced.

Numbers 0-20- Numbers are presented in order. Users trace each number twice with guidance, then try it on their own. After three numbers have been practiced, a fun memory match game is played which corresponds to the numbers that were just completed.

CVC Words- Users spell different short vowel words by tracing each letter of the word. A colorful, CVC picture is displayed, while letter tiles help learners to see the spelling of the entire word.


Similar to the Montessori salt tray, the practice section has an uppercase or lowercase letter displayed. The child chooses the letter, watches the strokes of the letter, and tries it on their own in the "sand". This is a safe and fun place to practice what they have learned about handwriting.


Kids may “play” with the stickers they have earned from the Learn Section or play an Alphabet Memory Match Game.

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