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ダウンロードランキング - iOS - 日本




The Giroptic 360cam is a 360 degree camera built to easily capture video and photos from every angle. It delivers easy real time streaming video over Wi-Fi, recorded 360 videos and photos, in the palm of your hand.

Up. Down. All-around.

The 360cam app will let you remote control your camera, import your 360 contents into your phone and share it to your favorite social networks.

// Key features:

- Use as a remote control

Use the 360cam app for iPhone as a remote control to record videos, photos & time lapses on your 360 cam. Switch capture mode directly from your 360cam app and get a live preview before starting to shoot!

- Import your content
Easily import your 360 photos & videos from your 360cam to your iPhone in a few steps

- View and enjoy your 360 content
Use the 360cam app for iPhone to play your 360 photos and videos in our built-in 360 player, and try the different viewing modes: panoramic, 360 and little planet!

- Experience your videos in mobile Virtual Reality headsets
Push your experience to the next level and play your videos in a mobile VR headsets thanks to our side by side viewing mode

- Share your 360 photos and videos
Easily share your 360 videos and publish them to your Facebook feed.
Share your photos on all major social sites in a few steps!

- Featured content
Enjoy the best 360 videos & photos from Giroptic’s partners and content creators.

// Note:

Giroptic’s 360cam ( sold separately ) is required to record spherical videos and photos

Additional accessories are required for live streaming.

// Important :

On iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, you won't be able to import and play 360 videos, but you can stil enjoy your 360 photos and use your app as a remote control.

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