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AlpineFlower Finder – Europe

パブリッシャー: renata caviglia
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価格: 7.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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*** A fine selection of 310 flower portraits featuring over 1'300 amazing large-format photos plus 600 gallery and cataloque pictures taken by Renata Caviglia, Lucerne ***

* AlpineFlower Finder has been shortlisted for 'best of Swiss apps 2013' and did receive a great press response! *

A FEW FEATURES of AlpineFlower Finder:


- EASY IDENTIFYING flowers by color and their characteristics, single or in combination.

- A FUNNY and EDUCATIONAL way to learn the names of alpine flowers: the built-in educational game teaches you the botanical and English flower names.

- Adding FIELD DATA, notes and pictures during your hikes and create your very own list of favorites.

- INVORMATIVE: The app provides you with the flower’s name in English, French, German, Italian and the scientific names, a brief description of the most important botanical data and information about flowering period, location and habitat.

- CLEARLY ARRANGED: The flower-catalog can be sorted by name, family or genus.

* Some media coverage: Swiss Board-Magazin, Zentralschweiz am Sonntag ’Piazza’, Schweizer Familie, TV Südostschweiz Newsjournal '50', Aletsch-Goms, Blick Magazin ’In-Dinge’, Glarner Woche, Schweizer Garten, Jardin Familial, Sunday Times ’Good Gear’, The Sun, App oft he week; Sonntagszeitung and More about the media coverage on *

Alpine flowers - They are everywhere, on the way to our most famouse glaciers and mountains. So who are these beauties? You can easily find out with AlpineFlower Finder.


The flowers can be searched by: flower colour, flower composition, leaf shape and/or flowering period - or by text searching. Our catalogue can be sorted alphabetically by either name, family or genus.

EDUCATIONAL GAME – to learn easily the english and scientific names of the alpine flowers!

FIELD DATA - AlpineFlower Finder allows the user to create their very own list of favorites, adding notes and pictures. The list can also be complemented by adding photos of flowers taken directly during the mountain walks.

Every flower’s most important botanical information is included:
- Scientific name of flower and family
- Flower name in; english, german, french and italian
- Flower color
- Flower composition
- Leaf shape
- Blooming period
- Stem
- Size
- Distribution area
- Location
- Altitude
- Species conservation

* AlpineFlower Finder does not require an internet connection *

Version 4.3.0 contains 310 alpine flower portraits and over 1'300 full screen pictures.

We welcome your questions, thoughts and suggestions. Please contact us!

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