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AAA Actors Bollywood - Popular Hindi Film Heroes

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How well do you really know your favorite Bollywood Stars???

Did you for instance know that Aamir Khan’s favorite author is Leo Tolstoy or that Abhishek Bachchan studied at Aiglon School in Switzerland, Ajay Devgn’s birth name is Vishal, or the fact that Govinda hates red color or that Varun Dhawan's nickname is Pappu …. and so much more !!!

This app will help inform you, entertain you and provide you with lots of fun and excitement! Impress your friends and relatives with in-depth knowledge of your favourite actor. This app helps make it easy to strike a conversation with anyone and even change the mood of a group by quoting from this app about a person’s favourite actor. This app is much more than entertainment.

Bollywood . . . the very name spells excitement and enchantment. Bollywood has a glorious history of more than 100 years. This app captures the charisma of the stars who have been and who are currently the heartthrob of millions not only in India but the entire world.

FORTY-TWO top actors are mentioned in alphabetical order.

Information about each actor is given under titles as follows :
- Birth Name
- Birth Date
- Zodiac Sign
- Nickname
- Address
- Family details
- Sibling
- Spouse and kids
- Debut film
- Favorites
- Brief Biography
- Major Films
- Major Awards won

In addition, you can watch a few of your favourite actor's most entertaining scenes from their movies.

A separate section provides links of ways to get in touch with your favourite actor, either through his Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter account or their websites. A must have app for all Bollywood lovers!!

All contents of this app have been collated from sources available in public domain. The author of this app is not in any way connected with any of the actors or their representatives in any way. This app makes no claim as to the authenticity of any fact mentioned in this app.

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