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パブリッシャー: Wajid Ali
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価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


ダウンロードランキング - iPad - 日本




Get Ready to Drive airport vehicles like pushback-Air Plane tow truck,Ground Support Equipment and airport cargo driving challenges for you.

So Get Ready to become the Commercial aircrafts ground flight staff memeber ,New York Flight are arriving on city airport, fulfill duty of airport ground staff driver. Drive stair car to unboard passengers or oil tanker to refuel Boeing airplane play the best airplane tycoon game with better and enhanced gameplay. You might have played airplane parking and airhostess simulator games.Play airplane ground flight staff airport tycoon games 2018 which is bigger and better then all other Airport simulator and airplane simulator Games.Drive pushback truck tow passenger Boeing aero plane from hangar to the runway.

Airport Ground Staff:AirPlane Flight Simulator 3D-Airport Ground Support equipment staff Gameplay:

The Gameplay of this Airport Simulator Airplane Ground Flight equipment staff Game is very interesting and much different from all other Airport simulator-airplane Ground flight Crew Simulator Games. It is not just regular Aeroplane parking simulator game, become a passenger bus driver and take people to airport before flight takeoff. As flight staff you need to board passengers on airplane safely. Aeroplanes and fighter jets are parked in hangar. Drive pushback and tow airplane to bring it from hanger to the asphalt runway. Transport cargo to the loading area in transporter trucks and unload. Drive fuel truck and refuel airplane with gasoline for next flight operation. Perform all duties of air flight staff and seek ground support. Enjoy cockpit inner view full fill duty as ground staff crew in this amazing game.

In this Airport Ground Support equipment staff game you have chance to drive either a luggage trolley, airplane fuel truck, airplane oil truck, airport taxi, airport bus, tow truck, push back towing, airplane staircase van car or an emergency Aeroplane fire truck.

Features of Airport Ground Staff:AirPlane Flight Simulator 3D

Amazing Ground Flight Staff driving vehicles
Challenging airport ground staff driver missions
Super smooth airport parking controls
Unique Airport simulator game-play
Full-HD 3D airport plane ground staff environment and sounds
Enjoy the different Vehicles of Airport in this Airport simulator.

In this Airport Simulator:Airplane Ground Flight Staff 3D Game , All 10 levels are designed special operations in mind, to make this airport simulator game fun for the player. Being an real airport simulator ground flight staff you have to take control of operations, in levels you will be given the chance to drive either a luggage trolley, airplane fuel truck, airplane oil truck, airport taxi, airport bus, tow truck, push back towing, airplane staircase van car or an emergency aeroplane fire truck in order to succeed in driving while competing with the given timeline according to the airplane game requirement.

So Get Ready to enjoy the multiple vehicles that mention in the below.

Luggage Trolley or Luggage Carrier, Fuel Truck or Oil Truck, Staircase Truck, Tow Truck or Push Back Towing Truck, Airport Taxi or Transport Bus, Emergency Fire Truck etc

Download and play Most Intresting Airport Simulator and Airplane Ground Flight Staff 3D Game "Airport Ground Staff:AirPlane Flight Simulator 3D" if you are a airport simulation games and airport tycoon games 2018 lovers.

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ASO (アプリストア最適化)

適切なキーワードを設定することで、アプリはユーザーの目に留まりやすくなり、ダウンロード数・売上の向上に繋がります。App Annieは、数百万のキーワードをトラッキングしています。この機能を活用いただくことで、アプリのダウンロード数を伸ばしたり、競合のアプリがどのようなキーワードに強いのかを知ることが可能です。

App Annieで、様々なアプリのデータを知り、アプリ業界のトレンドを把握しましょう。