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パブリッシャー: Verkehrsauskunft Österreich
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AnachB: travel smart from A to B
VOR AnachB, the mobile and multimodal traffic information system by ITS Vienna Region (ITS) and Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (VOR) always finds the best connections for travelling in Austria, be it by public transport, via bike, on foot or by car, including combinations such as Bike+Ride, bicycle transport, Park+Ride or motorail trains.

Live status updates!
VOR AnachB has access to live data provided by the Traffic Information Austria Service (Verkehrsauskunft Österreich VAO). In addition to the current traffic situation and input from traffic cameras, this includes all construction sites, traffic jams, delays, detours and transport network changes. All this information is funneled into the routing process so that VOR AnachB always responds to your query with the best connections at the time.

Smartphone = VOR public transport ticket
Save a trip to the vending machine or ticket counter and simply purchase your VOR ticket on the AnachB App. Thanks to VOR AnachB, you will always have your ticket ready at hand – from the single ticket to the annual pass. All your VOR passes are linked to your account and may be presented conveniently at any time.

VOR AnachB at a glance:
• Multimodal traffic information for all of Austria.
• Travel time comparison: Directly compare different connections and means of transportation.
• Map: The map shows all stops in your vicinity. Detailed information about stops can be accessed directly via the map.
• Monitor: Public transport departures and arrivals can be viewed and filtered via the monitor.
• Smartphone = public transport ticket: Effortlessly purchase all VOR tickets with the AnachB App!
Your tickets always ready at hand with the AnachB App!
• Line route / sequence of stops: Any intermediate stops between your departure and arrival points are displayed, including departure times.
• The mobility radar map displays the accessibility of any given point by public transport – at a glance.
• Favorites: Save your personal departure stops and routes as favorites.
• Map view: The map is arranged clearly and the map view can be changed according to your preferences.
• Get your travel plan via e-mail or SMS.
• Save your connections in the calendar, reminder function included.

Continuous improvements / updates!
With live updates of all routing information and regular updates to the app itself, we are constantly working to further develop and improve our services and your routing results.

Download the VOR AnachB App to your mobile phone now – free of charge!

Explanation of permissions:
• Location / tracking: The identification of the network-based location or the GPS tracking function enable routing to and from the current location.
• Network communication: Necessary for the app’s internet access.
• Access to contacts (phone book): App uses contacts/addresses in the phone book for the location search service (e.g. entering start and destination addresses or search on the map).
• Access to file storage: This is necessary so downloaded files can be cached on the "external" memory of the device.
• Disable standby mode (system tools): Allows the app to send push notifications to you.
• Install shortcuts (system tools): Allows the creation of shortcuts on the home screen.
• Your accounts: The app uses the web-based API's of Google (e.g. the map server).
• Access to hardware controls: Enables access to the vibration function of the device for push notifications.
• Access to camera: Enables users to take photos for personal favorites and contacts.

App Support: www.vor.at

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