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Anna Cooking Frozen Cake Chocolate maker Games

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Discover new ways to bake in this Anna Frozen cake cooking game and you will surprise Elsa with a delicious and sweet dessert for her birthday. Have fun making the cake and decorating it.

Frozen princess cake can be made very easily but a girl living in a small town find it very hard because she has no prior experience in baking and decorating the cake. Anna is a great chef and she has a power to create any cake in a matter of minutes. She is making a frozen cake to surprise her sister, Elsa who love to eat delicious cake and cookies. We are going to take the girl to the palace so that she could learn the art of making frozen cakes. Anna is a great teacher and she always love to share her cool cake making techniques with someone who enjoy making cakes. Do you want to learn how to make frozen cake? Join Anna.Preparing a delicious cake and decorating it in a way that would impress everyone can be daunting for a novice chef. Anna is a complete novice in making cakes. She has been assigned a very important job and it is to make a creamy coconut cake. She has to make the most delicious cake in order to impress the customer and get a reward. Help Anna to make a moist coconut cake for her customer.

We are going to cook a Creamy Coconut Cake for you. It's a very tasty cake that you and your family can enjoy. We bought all the necessary ingredients such as white cake mix, flaked coconut, whipped toppings, cream of coconut, and condensed milk from the grocery store. We have created a fantastic kitchen for you that has all the necessary kitchen utensils and tools. We are ready with extremely easy instructions for you that you can easily understand and implement, in order to make a mouthwatering Creamy Coconut Cake.

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