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Baby Manager Feed Tracker

パブリッシャー: LiveKid Sp. z o.o.
価格: 3.99 USD
互換性: iPhone


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ASO (アプリストア最適化)







Simple and intuitive. Baby Manager will give you peace of mind by keeping track of your little one and give you timely reminders for the sleep-deprived parent that you are.

> Invaluable when:

-- You must give details to the doctor or mid-wife on nursing, breastfeeding, diapers and their trends
-- Your partner wants to be up to date on your precious bundle of joy and you want to keep a diary
-- Your head is under water and have trouble remembering what happened and when

-- What parents say about Baby Manager:

***** "Absolutely worth every penny Don't search any longer for an app to log your babies drinks, sleeps, diaper changes. This app does it app with incredible ease in a very fashionable package. Thanks for writing such a good app!"

***** The name says it all. I have found this app really helpful. It has helped me figure out what my little one needs when she is crying. And i really like that several people can share an account - I can record how much milk i need to express while grandma enters the volumes of her feeds at home."

***** "Great! When your'e a mom it's hard to keep up with everything. Having something to help at least with breastfeeding and changing diapers really helps. When you go to the paediatrician for the 1st time they are going to ask you all these questions. How many poops and how many pees, you can just pull this baby tracker out and be exact."

***** "Great app! helps me keep track of when I fed him. Great for Dr appointments too when he asks how often he is eating and peeing/pooping. Wish I had this app with my other kids."

***** "Very helpful! This app helps me stay on top of LO's schedule. Also, I love that I can have it on multiple devices, so grandma can keep all info up to date her info while I'm out running errands. I can see what LO's up to while I'm out."

> Features:
-- Log your sweetheart's breast feedings, sleep sessions, diaper changes and growth
-- Sync data with your partner in less than 3 seconds, automagically!
-- Ongoing notifications allow you to control events from anywhere on your phone, even outside the app
-- Friendly charts help you understand your child and breastfeeding better, gaining insights into their trends
-- Pause and resume breastfeeds and sleeps
-- Add events retroactively into the log
-- Get access to all necessary features in this free baby app
-- The app makes monitoring your infant a breeze, letting Mom and Dad have full attention on providing care and love to your infant.
-- Write notes for feeds, breastfeeds, sleeps, diaper changes and growth
-- Manage as many babies as you need, for free

> Social:
-- Mom and Dad can share their loved one's log and progress with each other, making monitoring and providing infant care much easier. Your devices will always be instantly synchronised, for FREE
-- Get your partner involved more using this app
-- Follow your little one together with unlimited people or devices

> Stay tuned for more useful features soon:
-- export data to CSV file
-- automatic backup
-- more activities like Medications, Mood, Baths, Walks, Notepad

> We're happy to hear feedback! Fell free to let us know what we should improve and what like about Baby Manager: hello@babymanagerapp.com.

ASO (アプリストア最適化)

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