Background Booth - Free Photo Cut Out App!

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Remove that ugly background in your great photo and replace with a stunning new background accurately and easily...

** Features **

- Erase the background with two easy steps
- Step 1: Draw a closed path over the required portion and cut the remaining.
- Step 2: Use the eraser tool to erase edges and fine-tune.
- Zoom or move the image while erasing for accuracy.
- Undo the erasing step by step to correct any mistakes.

- Select the background image from Flickr using your own search. Get any image you want by using the RIGHT keyword.
- Or select the background image from any of your photos from photo album, or online accounts.
- Or you can just choose a color or pattern.

- Add beautiful text with more than 100 cool font styles.
- More than 1000 high resolution stickers.

- Change the background or foreground images anytime.
- Save your foreground images separately for later use.
- Save the result or Share to friends over Facebook, INSTAGRAM, Twitter, Flickr, Email, etc...

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