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ボール ヒット チャレンジ

パブリッシャー: Better Games Studio Pty Ltd.
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価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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ランキング推移は、iOSアプリストアでボール ヒット チャレンジの人気の推移を表示します。各国、カテゴリ、デバイスごとに、毎日・毎時間におけるボール ヒット チャレンジのパフォーマンスの履歴を追うことが可能です。
ダウンロードランキング - iPhone - 日本




We are trying to take you back to your childhood, where you and your younger brother/sister would go to backyard and start competing against each other in a hit ball game competition. So the longer you keep on hitting the ball, you win that ultimate backyard cricket challenge at that time. Play this hit ball game and revive your childhood and go back to the past for a few moments. You can challenge yourself with a cricket bat, tennis, badminton or table tennis racquet or even with a base ball bat.

Adjust your bat speed or your table tennis racquet sensitivity to hit the ball appropriately and for as long you can. Plenty of rolling balls, jumping ballz, bouncing balls, swipe ballz or tap ball games on the store, but none better than this hitting ball game, which might well be the best ball games for kids as well and a great addicting time killer game. With its unique grip and sensitivity, each mode is quite different and challenging than the previous. The cricket bat hitting is giving you the feel like you are knocking your bat for the stick cricket challenge and getting your hand eye coordination back to normal.

Baseball hitting challenge is the hardest of all like smash hit, as the ball go in all different direction, so yu need to keep a nice balance to become a pro baseball hit boy. So get ready and enjoy this addictive ball hit challenge and have some fun.
• Four different modes available
• Share your smash score with friends.
• Choose all the different balls and colours to suit your need.
• Don’t forget to give us a thumb up at the end.

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