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ダウンロードランキング - iOS - 日本




Get your business card with in minutes a powerful app with mini studio that inspire your mind. Business Card Creator, Scanner comes up with a lot of build in business cards and eye catching layouts which allow you to select and make your own business card. A simple application which makes your business card in front of your eye. With business card maker get an evaluate vision for your brand new way to build your online showcase

Business Card Creator, Scanner support multiple layout with perfect colour scheme save, share & delete your own created cards. It create customisable cards giving you full control in changing the font and logo size.

Business Card Creator, Scanner also provides you with the option of scanning your Business Card by taking picture using camera or selecting from Photos and the app will Crop the business card automatically from the image.

Business card maker provide following services:
• Virtual business card
• Card maker
• Design cards
• Visiting card maker
• Name card
• E-card
• Digital business card
• Business card editor
• Business card organiser
• Smart card
• Create a business card
• Digital business card
• Visiting card maker
• Business card editor
• Mobile business card
• Business card designs
• Card maker
• Reduce time wasted in searching or rent freelancer designer
• Make your evaluate business card more and more.
• Printable or digital business card showcase to your clients.
• Help you to control the quality of your brand
• Save your business time without any designer.
• Change the font and logo size.
• Apply filters to images
• Scan your business card and save, share with anyone
Business card maker brings for you
• Standard Card:
This cards are very easy to create in no time and the size of the card is standard i.e. 336x192 px
• Custom Card:
You can create highly customisable card according to your own need, you can also create only name card without any logo. The resolution of the card is HD.
Insert texts like your name, company name, mobile number, email address, website, etc...

名刺メーカー 名刺デザイン card designs 名刺作成 めいし card creator 名刺 作成 scan card business card 名刺無料 名刺 制作 作成者 businesscard カード作成 名刺 名刺アプリ 名刺あぷり 名刺整理 名刺 管理 スキャナー

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