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Calculus FTW - Deep Insight into Solving Calculus Problems

パブリッシャー: MathFTW LLC
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価格: 2.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Does calculus have you dazed and confused? Calculus FTW
has hundreds of detailed step-by-step solutions to example problems from first year calculus!

Written by a college professor, Calculus FTW is an app that helps students learn calculus from a problem based approach.

Calculus FTW is not a mere reference for equations. Calculus FTW actually helps you learn and understand calculus by providing deep insight into solving many types of first year calculus problems.

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Topics covered:

● Precalculus
● Limits
● Derivatives
● Applications of Differentiation
● Integration

Every problem has:

● Hint - to help you if you are having difficulty solving a problem

● Solution - with lots of detail so that you can actually understand it.

○ Some solution manuals have so little explanation that a student can’t understand how to get from one step to the next.

○ Other solution manuals have so many steps and exposition that the solution becomes difficult to understand.

○ Calculus FTW is unique in that we provide the basic steps to the solution, but if you need additional steps or more of an explanation on how to get from one step to the next the information is provided with the tap of a finger.

● Tips and Tricks - to give you some general advice on how to solve other similar problems.

● Commentary - which includes a difficulty level out of 10 for every problem as well as an answer to every student's question “How is the problem useful or interesting?”

○ Sometimes, when a student is reading the solution of a problem they don’t remember or understand some of the mathematical terms. In Calculus FTW you can tap the term you don’t understand and the concept is explained to you in a straight forward, unintimidating style.

Other features:
● Concept lessons to provide both background and insight into solving problems

● Animations you can interact with that help you understand concepts when word and symbols confuse an otherwise simple idea

● Detailed solutions to Optimization and Related Rates word problems with animations to help students understand what the question is asking.

● Step by step detail to help you put together a bunch of information to sketch a curve

● An extensive collection of precalculus concepts too (since often times students have difficulty in calculus because their precalculus is weak).

● Search feature to help students find the problems or concepts they are looking for.

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