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パブリッシャー: Sadaf Manzoor
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


ダウンロードランキング - iPhone - 日本




Speed drift car racing game will let you grab steering of the racing car for experiencing extreme drifting on the roads of different terrains.
Speed drift car racing is an amazing drag racing and extremely challenging car drift driving game for players of danger. This car drifting game is developed for drift legends who love drift car racing in realistic and legendary drifting cars of the racing world.

Now it is the time to test your extreme car driving skills on the different and curvy tracks of city, desert, snow etc. Drive fast but very carefully because there is limited time for drifting dubai cars in this torque burnout mania. You need to drive your muscle car only on city roads for becoming drift king of car drifting games. This drifting simulator gives you realistic controls for handling your drift car and be crazy for speed for breaking your own record. Play this dubai drift maximum for earning more and more cash which would help you to unlock more luxury and latest cars placed in the fully equipped garage.

Let's enjoy one of the best drifting simulators of all times among free drifting games. You would be a perfect gear drift driver by using your club carx drift racing capabilities in minimum time if you don't leave the drift road. Hold the steering and start extreme car driving drift show from a garage to real roads of desert and city by selecting the mode of your choice, unlike other drift car racing games. Select your favorite luxurious sports car for becoming the expert driver of gt drift car games by expressing your super drift max skills and by crossing drift horizon in no time.

If you have any abilities of real drift skills then it is the time to show your unconquered furious guts by performing super drifting and win the great title of drift master. Play this thumb drift game on various tracks of the city, desert, snow etc. for enjoying the drift racing road racer for extreme fun and excitement to become race king. Numerous luxury sports cars are ready for an expert drift driver who can compete with any other best drifting car in the world, so fasten your seatbelt and start racing against you and your records.

There is only one way to win the race is driving as fast as you can in this drift hunter mania. Customise your car by changing the body color, skidmarks trail colors, rims etc. for better look and feel of your drift car on the battleground of racing tracks for more interest and excitement. Hold the steering, press the acceleration pedal then steer your wheels for showing real drifting on asphalt roads drift racing games. Quest your thirst for being number one racer of pro drifting games by performing different stunts and drift on deadly tracks of mud and asphalt in this car drifting simulator.

How to play:

• Select your favourite sports car from garage
• Press the acceleration to speed the muscle car simulator
• Tap brake pedal to stop your sports car
• Tilt the device to steer your drifting car

*** Features of speed drift car racing 2018 ***
• Multiple Challenging tracks
• Latest sports cars
• Extreme drifting
• Different modes
• HD graphics
• offline gamePlay
• Extreme fun and challenge

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