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Charades Guessing Party Games

パブリッシャー: Huan Lin
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Good for 2 to 15 people! 
With 10,000+ cards, Charades Guessing brings fun and excitement to you and your friends.

- A.I. generated decks
- Over 10,000 cards, and more to come!
- Suitable for all ages
- Easy tilt screen control
- Good for 2-15 people

[How to play]
1. Face the screen to your friends
2. They give clues (describe/act/sing) and you guess the words
3. They can describe the word, but cannot speak the EXACT word (or PART of word) on screen.
4. Tilt down the screen to mark the word as correct
5. Tilt up the screen to skip the word

You can either hold device in front of you, or up on your head, with the screen facing to your friends.

- Delicious Food
- Things to Do
- Movie Fans
- Living Things
- World of Music
- Amazing Places
- Popular Brands
- On the Show
- For Gamers
- Must Reads
- Cities & Countries
And more to come!

[A.I. generated decks]
We use machine learning (ML) to generate our cards from a mixed dataset of dictionary words, wikipedia text corpus and commonly used phrases. We built a binary classifier with logistic regression, to identify fun words based on sentiment analysis, popularity, etc. All generated cards are human reviewed to ensure that they are indeed fun to play. If you would like to learn more about how our binary classifier works, here is a great tutorial:

head bands headbands catchphrase headband catch phrase 来往 head to head head to good word catchup

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