ChebyshevTrendPro - FOREX ed.

パブリッシャー: IGOR VLASOV
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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The app is similar to ChebyshevTrendPro but fully focused on FOREX market. The app uses Chebyshev polynomials to create trend lines against private daily, weekly & hourly FOREX charts (~150 currencies in any pairs) plus realtime FXCM data feeds (~60 currency pairs, precious metals, oil & indices like AUS200, FRA40, GER30, SPX500, US30, etc.).
This innovative trending method is based on creating polynomials using a modified Gaussian least squares fit that essentially acts as a noise filter, removing random fluctuations from the chart data and finds the real underlying trend.
The main benefit of using this trending method is an almost complete absence of lag, when compared to moving average trends.
The app includes buy/sell signals & S/R lines based on the Chebyshev trend. A unique method has developed specially for app to provide these signals.
Trends can also be compared with classical upto 6 MA lines, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR & volume, MACD, Chaykin & BB%B, slow stochastic, RSI, CCI, ADX, Fibonacci Bollinger Bands indicators & oscillators and more (Check v.2 manual's appendix #2 for complete indicators' list).
Other features include the ability to save stock symbols in a portfolio by groups of interest and adjust the trend dates, moved crosshair & Fibonacci retracement, custom line draw, comments.
We source special data feed for the app. We collect FOREX data from various places including FXCM for more than 150 currencies & provide any of their pairs. Try it during 30 days' trial period & decide is it OK to pay as low as tier 1 for all the functionality during the next month.
A data connection is required to access our private website, however the app will perform best if a WiFi internet connection is available.
If you are interested in charting against Yahoo Finance or GoogleFinance available historical/intraday data check Chebyshev Trend Lite, Chebyshev Trend Pro, YTrend & GoogleFinance Edition apps please.

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