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Contact Lens Rx is a smart calculator that converts your eyeglasses prescription to your contact lenses prescription. Looking to purchase your contacts online? Get your contact lenses Rx using this app and be on your way!

Why do I need it?
Did you know your contact lenses prescription is not the same as the one for your eyeglasses? That's right. The prescription provided by your optometrist is only valid for your eyeglasses. As contact lenses sit directly on your eyes, which is much closer compared to your glasses, your prescription needs to be adjusted accordingly.

What makes your app special?
Contact Lens Rx app was developed after extensive research and with the help of numerous experienced opticians and eye care professionals. It uses complex algorithms to provide you with the best, most optimized prescription for your contact lenses.

• Convert your eyeglasses prescription to contacts prescription quickly
• Allows easy input of your glasses prescription
• Quickly calculates your contact lenses prescription
• Uses smart algorithms that are developed based on the experience of eye care professionals

Note: Contact Lens Rx app is not intended to be a substitute for your eye care professional. While the results provided are adequate for most people, an eye care professional can provide a more in-depth analysis during your examination.

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