Custom Birthday Invitation Card maker

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Make beautiful and Custom Birthday invitation cards.Create Custom Invitation cards easily by adding date,time,text,decoration,Save it and share to your loved ones.Also set custom photo as your card background.Decorate card with Text quotes, stickers and multi-colored themes.

You can add custom wishes for them to give more enjoyable day. Share created card with them and give them the best memory of all-time. The best E-card designs here in our free greeting card maker. Create superb Birthday invites with custom Birthday Invitation Card Maker. Download now and create awesome cards!!!

Create awesome birthday invitation cards easily with Custom Birthday Invitation Card Maker app. The only one app that gives you the best invitation card making and sharing tool with the wide range of cool function. Start making invitation cards by adding Event date, Time, Place where the party is and the automated invitation card generated. Customize as you like. Change the background theme from our wide range of themes, Add custom photo background, or you can add photo frame of your loved ones. Add text and customize it styles, color, size. Also you can draw doodles and apply some graffiti over the card to make it more beautiful. Add quotes or Messages from our collection or add your custom. View and change as you like as it is live editing function. Save and share with your loved ones.

- HD Cards Generated
- All in one app for creating birthday invites
- Every tool is in one single screen page
- Event date can be added or changed
- Beautiful cards added
- New amazing text features added
- Full view canvas
- Fonts, Color, re-sizable text any many more
- Best quotes included with your custom messages
- Put congratulations wishes on beautiful images
- Easy editing
- Convenient to use
- User friendly designs
- Live Preview and Live editing

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