DHBW Presentation Coach

パブリッシャー: Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Karlsruhe
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The Presentation Coach will give you some tips on how to prepare for your next business presentation.
The app is divided into different parts:
- Introduction
- Standard Presentations
- Persuasive Presentations
- Sales Talks
- Non-Verbal Skills
- Visual Aids.
In the Introduction, you will receive some important information about how to begin a presentation. This will help to grab your audience’s attention so that they are interested in your topic.
In Standard Presentations, you will learn about the most basic form of presenting. You will also be given some helpful tips and phrases that you can immediately use for your next presentation, as well as see and hear a few examples.
Want to impress your audience? In Persuasive Presentations, you will discover what it takes to convince your audience of your message. There will be some examples of great persuasive speeches and why they are so convincing. Here you will receive some valuable tips to impress your audience about your ideas.
The Sales Talk chapter focuses on the essential skills needed to pitch your product or service to your customers or clients. Examples of effective sales pitches will be shown and what made them successful pitches.
The Non-Verbal Skills chapter will help you develop your body language tactics to send the correct message to your audience without speaking. These skills are just as important as your speaking skills, so the advice in this chapter will help you to stand confident in front of your audience.
In the last chapter, Visual Aids, you will be introduced to some of the most common mistakes made by speakers and how to visually enhance your presentation without overloading people’s senses. You will see examples of how visual aids can effectively complement what you are saying without distracting your audience.

Note: The videos included in this app are not directly embedded in the system but refer to clips on YouTube. Therefore, the authors of the Presentation Coach cannot guarantee the unlimited availability of all visual resources.

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