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Drive Go

パブリッシャー: NZTA
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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ダウンロードランキング - iPhone - ニュージーランド




Learn to drive the right way and be ready to pass the restricted licence test, first time! Drive Go is New Zealand’s official learn to drive app.

Developed for learner drivers and their coaches, Drive Go helps you learn all the driving skills you need to know to pass the restricted test and be a good driver, from starting out through to more advanced driving skills like overtaking. Drive Go can be used before you drive, in the car and after the drive.

· Short videos to show you how to learn each driving skill
· Recommendations for what skills to practise next, based on where you’re driving and what you’ve already learned
· Feedback tips to help your coach give you useful feedback on your driving
· Track what you’ve learned, what you’re doing well, what needs more practise, and what to work on next
· Track how much driving you’ve done, and in what conditions
· Learn all about what’s in the restricted test, what the common mistakes are, and how to avoid them
· Go out and practise all the things you’ll have to do in the restricted test and learn exactly what the testing officer will be looking for.

Drive Go has been made to help you learn to drive and get your restricted licence. If you don’t have your learner’s yet visit for everything you need to get your learner licence, including free practice tests.

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