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Give your child a winning head start in English with Mingoville Preschool! Mingoville is endorsed by Ministries of Education around the world and is an award-winning educational games developer!

Using native real voice actors and animation, kids will be on a mission to grow their vocabulary tree as they enhance their sentence and word recognition skills.

For their tree to grow and for parents to follow their learning progress, kids will have to complete several “missions”, each comprising of 12-15 interactive games, and your kid will be exposed to over 500 words and sentences that will give them a sturdy foundation to learn English especially as a Second Language.

***** The first “mission” is FREE for you to try this game with your child *****

----- A Captivating ‘Task-Oriented’ Game Design -----

+ Eye-catching, appealing and safe e-learning environment
+ Cute animated characters that will “speak” to your child
+ An effective ‘learn-through-play’ educational philosophy
+ Strengthens both listening and pronunciation capabilities
+ Excellent supplementary teaching tool for teachers/tutors

----- Fun and Engaging ‘Learner-focused’ Game Features ------

• The progressive mission concept creates a meaningful task-oriented game experience for kids to retain their focus while learning through play

• Over 80 short interactive games spread across several missions enabling kids to enter and exit the app at their comfort and not overtaxing their attention span

• Positive reinforcement to boost a child’s morale and enjoyment in learning, as Andrea the little flamingo will constantly encourage and reward the player

• Multisensory game activities such as voice recording game, jigsaw puzzles, listen-and-match the words, spelling bee, memory game, and many more

• Potential additional features in future editions include an expansion of the word bank, customisation and personalisation of characters, voice recognition

Parents and Teachers Support:

A dedicated Parents and Schools Support area in the game reflects Mingoville’s commitment to position our products as the preferred early childhood literacy development supplementary tools for parents and teachers.

Yet at the same time, Mingoville is also an advocator of lifelong learning and while the game is suitable for children from 2 years and above, we believe it is never too young or too old for a learner to begin their English literacy journey.

So start today; take the first step - download the Mingoville Preschool app!

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