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旅行 英語 日常会話 英単語 一覧

パブリッシャー: Petr Kulaty
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Speak English while travelling - your spoken English course and a practical language travel guide in one app.

A) Listen to dialogues
Listen to typical dialogues in 33 lessons.
1. Everyday conversation - meet your new friend, arrange another meeting, visit your friend, talk about your family and jobs...
2. Travelling - check in at the airport, travel by plane, coach, train or ship, go through the immigration and passport control...
3. Holiday - book your hotel or log cabin at the camp, order your meal at the restaurant, rent beach umbrellas, buy your skipass...
4. City life - ask about the way, travel by tube, bus or taxi, go to the cinema or gallery, do some shopping...

B) Practise English conversations
Do easy to use exercises based on the typical dialogues and situations.
1. Match English words to photographs
2. Put words in the correct order to make sentences
3. Put sentences in the correct order to make dialogues
4. Listen and read all parts again

C) Learn English phrases and vocabulary
1. Listen, read and repeat more than 1300 useful phrases to speak fluently
2. Use 750 high quality photos to revise the meaning and pronunciation of more than 2500 words

Our tip
Are you going to travel abroad? Take this Speak English app with you and you cannot get lost.

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