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Esoteric Arithmosophy Thoth

パブリッシャー: Marilag Mendoza
価格: 7.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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This app is a tool. It contains an excel, a word calculator that enables you to find the meaning of whatever you choose to see.
All you have to do is enter that which you want to know, a name, a phrase, a date (for dates, most accurate results are produced when you enter the numbers numerically and the words as words. i.e. 21 June 2017)
You may enter a concept, a project name, its result upon your life. Whatever you enter automatically shows you all other words and phrases with the same number. These carry the same potencies. The more data you enter the more information you will get about your life.
This app is a tool by which we may know ourselves better, as astrology is. It has been said by Pythagoras that in the Higher Planes, there are name creators. This is called onomatopoeia.
Each name of each human being is divinely predesigned to demonstrate the person's life plan, the person's potential. Therefore, ONE MAY KNOW ONE'S LIFE PLAN at the time of request, by knowing the meaning of his name, his mission, his destination, and of his projects, his work, etc.

Pythagoras has brought to the world a table of correspondences of the Greek alphabet to numbers. The ancient Greek alphabet had 27 letters. Pythagoras set these in three sets of 9.
He said that the first 9 letters had values from 1 to 9. A=1, B=2, etc.
The second 9 letters had values from 10 to 90.
The third 9 letters had values from 100 to 900.
Then he began to demonstrate that whatever word or phrase we calculate by adding its letters' values, shows its properties. There are many methods for attaining that result. One is to add the letters numerical values until we get a single digit number. i.e. If we get the number 181, then 1+8+1= 10, 1+0=1.
He presented that the names of the 9 Muses, which preexisted, added up to the number 1 for the first Muse, the number 2 for the second, number 3 for the third and so on until the ninth Muse, whose number was, of course, 9.
This is only one of the hundreds of fascinating PROOFS, mathematical proofs, that language, and especially the Greek language, is PREDESIGNED. Arithmosophy is one way to prove that a Divine Intelligence exists.
And the mind blowing factor is that, as language develops, and its uses and concepts change, the meanings are still accurate, according to the TIME factor of the era it is used in.
And furthermore, Hebrew scholars who have studied the Pythagorean Teachings, have given us correspondence tables from Ancient Greek Pythagorean values to Hebrew. And then, Theosophists have created tables of correspondence of these to English.
This app uses the most ancient, most accurate methods for applying Arithmosophy into our daily lives.

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