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Fishing Warrior OL - Ocean King Joy Saga

パブリッシャー: chen mingming
価格: トップ無料 アプリ内課金あり
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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ダウンロードランキング - iOS - 日本




Popular fishing game Sea King landing on your mobile phone!
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[Game features]

Classic fishing games, cheque-make cool 3D effect, take you fishing aftertaste Casino feeling!

100%-live real time online network versus, countless Hotties waiting for you to come around, don't come home tonight without a fight!

Thousands of gun play, and ammunition unlimited bounce, skill locked speed fury, treasure chest raffle lottery games, you will not be bored!

Skill lock speed fury, crab turrets, Golden Dragon BOSS, Li Kui's BOSS, BOSS of the Monkey King, Nezha BOSS, junior, senior, full screen bombs galore!

Shotgun Fort, ice Fort, electromagnetic battery, battery Guild Wars BOSS with you, drop treasure chests all home!

Golden Toad fish, Li Kui chopped fish, Holy Sea, Nezha NAO Hai, snake-like billions of years, tens of hundreds of versions of everything!


2017 Hot Asian arcade fishing game based on the fully multiplayer network play with friends, is your best choice!

Other than classic fishing game, and lock screen and other functions, work with various pretty gaudy Fort, BOSS feeling the tears cried! Grab BOSS can drop prop treasure chest, pirate shark lottery, if you were a master fishing master, always come over and play, House of God ye are calling for you to send!

Game you can play with 4 people in the same room, browse each other profile pictures, send messages chat in real time, see buddy fishing effects in real time, you can catch with BOSS, MM in the game are really pretty! GG really broken in the sky! Dating game balance is!

Different from other games, we provide many free coins, even if not stored-value, can be played every day!

Finally, do remember to bring your good friends to join a fantastic fishing trip!

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