Flying Birds Hunting Duck Hunt

パブリッシャー: Bilal Ahmad
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互換性: iPhone & iPad


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ダウンロードランキング - iOS - 日本




Flying Birds Hunting Game: is a Bird Hunter Simulation - The birds hunting season is started so get ready to shoot some ducks, golden eagles, pigeons, owl, crow, seagull, horn bird, taloor, hawks, falcons & pheasant etc! In duck hunting real season you are a flying duck hunter. So do you think you are a good hunter of migratory birds or flying birds?

The bird hunting fever is at the high level so grab the birds hunting gun & go for birds hunting. Get ready for hunting birds as a sniper shooter game! Gun shot as much you can with shotgun in a beautiful environment mix up of beautiful jungle birds & quail hunting sounds. Feel like in realistic safari park hunting environment. You can easily aim birds by using zooming lenses, try to unlock long range shot guns to hunt the high flying birds and enjoy hunting birds.

Features & Objectives of Sniper Birds Hunting Game:
- You are equipped with powerful hunting rifles, take the aim & shoot right on the spot.
- Efficient Weapon control for real duck hunter
- 3D Graphics & sound effects
- Its really awesome desert hunter free game to hunt bird in desert
- Real time duck hunting, eagle hunting, seagull hunting with animations
- Shoot Flying Birds fast and wisely to unlock next level
- Different birds, crow, sparrows, ghoose, quail & pheasant flying birds are there in the environment for hunting
- Unique gameplay for professinal hunter, girls, boys, kids & anybody can play this birds hunter game free.
- Realistic waterfowl hunting environment for bird games
- Hunting birds with awesome background music
- Find wild birds with radar system on your screen
- No need bow and arrow or archery or dogs, you can hunt with best shooter guns

Aim precisely & shoot flying birds to get the real bird hunting experience. Play bird hunting season 2017, the newest sniper hunt game to shoot ducks, pigeons, seagulls & many more flying birds. Bird games provide you some hunting times for each birds shooter level. hunting birds have salient eye & hearings, they can fly away once you shoot gun sounds. So you must be clever & professional hunter don't let birds fly away, otherwise you will face more challenge of hunting birds.

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