Flying Iron Bat City Hero

パブリッシャー: Juliia Blokhina
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価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Become the anti-hero which this city of sins deserves! Fight criminals, scare peaceful citizens, fly on your jetpack and have fun with Flying Iron Bat City Hero game!
Welcome to the Mega-City – large modern megapolis, filled with hurrying citizens, flying cars and masses of criminal scum! Robbers, thieves, murderers, pushers – all of them flooded your hometown streets, and you’re one of these awful heroes! Promote the rising tide of criminal activity right now!
Become an Iron Bat - masked villain using jetpack to fly between skyscrapers, rope with winch to jump from roof to roof or to catch fugitives, and use shotgun to… To kill the cops! Remember anti-heroes from comics books? Yeah, you are that type of guy! So, check the fuel level in your jetpack, wind up your rope, load your gun – and start your amazing bank robbing journey!
Be a real super-villain – fight cops, scare ordinary citizens, rob shops and banks and have fun! Beware of SWAT, but don’t be scared much – of course, they are many and they have assault rifles, but you can get such gun too!
Earn or steal money to buy armor and new weapons, replenish your amount of rope and repair your armor and jetpack – or buy a new one! It’s good to be a bad guy with high-tech equipment!
Commit crimes, dodge bullets and enjoy the comics villain life as Iron Bat with Flying Iron Bat City Hero!

Flying Iron Bat City Hero features:
• Realistic comics villain style action game
• Various types of interesting weapons and tools
• Wide range of armor, suits and jetpacks
• Amazing 3D graphics

Fly over the city streets, hold your gun tight, aim in cold blood and shoot right into the heads of your opponents with Flying Iron Bat City Hero!

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