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森 動物 マッチング ゲーム - 最高 脳トレーニング

パブリッシャー: Aleksandar Milosavljevic
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価格: 1.99 USD
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Hey kids! Meet the cutest wild animals and play the best memory game for free. Download Forest Animals Matching Game, a unique collection of animal games with cards to train your brain, English language learning app and quiz game for kids. But that's not all that this free app can offer. This is also one player or two player game for boys and girls. Exercise your focus and play with the cutest zoo animals for free.

** Forest Animals Matching Game collection: **

** 1 Player Card Game – Cool card matching game for toddlers. Play animal memory game, pair the cards but try to be as quick as possible. Try to be better than previous time and reach your personal record.

** 2 Player Brain Training Game – challenge your friend or a member of your family. Concentrate well and try to pick the right cards in order to find identical wild animals. Try to pair more cards up in order to win this fantastic multiplayer game.

** Meet The Forest Animals – this is an educational game where you can tap the card with a tiger, lion, deer or any other wild animal to see and hear its name in English. With this learning app, you can teach your kids all the kinds of forest animals and the English words for them at the same time.

** Animal Quiz Game for Toddlers -Test your kids' memory in the best manner. Tell them to pick the right card with a picture of a forest animal on it when they hear a question “where is the wolf/snail?”. This is the best way to check if they have learned correctly how to name each animal in English.

** Forest Animals Matching Game features: **

** More than just a classic board game for girls and boys with the forest animal pictures: wolf, deer, frog, snake etc!

** Easy to play and cute interface that helps toddlers, preschoolers and other kids and adults play this game for two with ease and fun!

** Forest animal match memory training game free develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kids of all ages!

** Various difficulty levels with different number of matching cards for kids that help them train their brain and improve their concentration.

Forest Animals Matching Game free download is a healthy exercise to your brain. If you kids have problems at school with focusing, this match game will help them keep focus and increase attention for sure. It improves concentration, enhances cognitive skills, boosts your brain functionality. Cute wild animal cards from this easy to use educational app will also help you train your visual memory and increase short-term memory while matching the cards. Cool, isn't it?

** Meet cute wild animals without going to the zoo! **

Help your kids learn about wild animals and teach them how to say their names in English! In the section “meet the animals” your kids will learn the name of any forest animal in English and see how it is written. Then you can match the cards together and revise what you have learned and in the end to play the cutest quiz game with wild animals. So, don't hesitate, this season is perfect for you to have high quality pastime activity, to make kids learn and play at the same time. Get Forest Animals Matching Game for free and enjoy playing this addicting and educational game!

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