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GasUnits is a powerful converter of natural gas units for the iPhone/iPad. Developed by an industry professional, the app easily converts between 60 different gas volume, energy, and rate units. Users can switch between three calorific value natural gas streams for greater conversion accuracy. The coverter also estimates approximate volumes of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) volumes and megawatts (MW) of power produced from input gas rates.

The app has been downloaded over 3000 times since its launch and has become the accepted tool of choice by many natural gas and LNG professionals all over the globe.

Unique features include:

*Elegant and easy to use interface
*Three different conversion bases (see below) to allow accurate calculations specific to particular calorific values
*Volume and rate units – identified in both long and abbreviated names

Conversion bases supported:
Basis # 1: 1 MM Btu = 1,000 ft3 : 1,000 ft3 = 1 MMBtu : 1 boe = 5,800 ft3
Basis # 2: 1 MM Btu = 970 ft3 : 1,000 ft3 = 1.03 MMBtu : 1 boe = 5,600 ft3
Basis # 3: 1 MM Btu = 900 ft3 : 1,000 ft3 = 1.11 MMBtu : 1 boe = 5,400 ft3

Supported gas volume units include: Cubic feet, Thousand ft3, Million ft3, Billion ft3, Trillion ft3, Cubic meter, Thousand m3, Million m3, Billion m3, Trillion m3, British Thermal Unit, 1000 Btu, 100,000 Btu (Therm), Million Btu, Billion Btu, Trillion Btu, Million Therms, 1000 Joules, Million Joules, Gigajoules, Terajoules, Petajoules, Equivalent Barrels of Oil, Thousand boe Million boe, Equivalent tons of Oil, Thousand toe, Million toe, Metric tonne LNG, and Million Metric tonnes LNG.

Supported gas rate units include: Cubic feet per day, Thousand ft3 per day, Million ft3 per day, Billion ft3 per day, Million ft3 per year, Billion ft3 per year, Cubic Meter per day, Thousand m3 per day, Billion m3 per day, Thousand m3 per year, Billion m3 per year, Million Btu per day, Billion Btu per day, Billion Btu per year, Million Therms per day, Million Therms per year, Gigajoules per day, Gigajoules per year, Terrajoules per day, Terrajoules per year, Petajoules per year, approx. Metric Tonnes LNG/d, approx. Metric Tonnes LNG/y, approx. Million tonnes LNG/y, Equivalent bbl per day, Million boe/d, Million boe/y, MW power (50% eff@80% use), approx. bbl/d GTL liquids, and approx. bbl/y GTL liquids.

No liability or responsibility is assumed for information or calculation shown in the app - users agree to indemnify and not hold Vivek Chandra or Kerogen Consultants liable for any damages - indirect or direct- resulting from data shown in this app.

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