Good Lood

パブリッシャー: AVSystem Slawomir Wolf Sp.J.
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


Good Loodの日本におけるランキング推移をチェックしましょう。
ランキング推移は、iOSアプリストアでGood Loodの人気の推移を表示します。各国、カテゴリ、デバイスごとに、毎日・毎時間におけるGood Loodのパフォーマンスの履歴を追うことが可能です。
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The Good Lood app gives you much more than stamp cards - download it today and start using all the features it offers!

Install the app on your phone, register and check conveniently:

• FLAVOURS of the DAY – information about new flavours on your phone every day at 20.00 without logging in via Facebook!

• FLAVOUR AVAILABILITY - the feature everyone was waiting for: check in the Good Lood app which loodspot still has your chosen flavours in stock! The information about flavour availability in loodspots is updated in real time.

• YOUR POINTS – no more stamp cards - now you can earn points in the Good Lood app. A new system of earning points, attractive rewards, and a quick view of points earned - that's something no ice cream store offered ever before!

• REWARDS – dreaming of a Good Lood deckchair on your balcony? Register to the app and collect points to get deckchairs, notebooks, Good Lood bags and many other amazing rewards that we've prepared.

• GOOD LOOD NEWS – be the first to know about an opening of a new loodspot, a promotional campaign on Children's Day or other occasion, or discounts available only for app owners. Have fun with Good Lood!

• FAVOURITE FLAVOURS – mark your favourite flavours with a heart icon and create your own lists of favourite flavours!

• NOTIFICATIONS – with the Good Lood app you can set up notifications for any flavours that won your heart. We'll let you know as soon as they're on offer again!

• PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS, DISCOUNTS, HAPPY HOURS - extra points, unique discounts, collecting points and eating ice cream, eating ice cream and having fun - things will get cooler now! We're always having something special in store for registered users.

• LOODSPOT MAP - easily accessible and clear map of Krakow and Warsaw with locations and opening hours of all loodspots. You can check the nearest loodspot in no time!

Life is good with Good Lood!

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ASO (アプリストア最適化)

適切なキーワードを設定することで、アプリはユーザーの目に留まりやすくなり、ダウンロード数・売上の向上に繋がります。App Annieは、数百万のキーワードをトラッキングしています。この機能を活用いただくことで、アプリのダウンロード数を伸ばしたり、競合のアプリがどのようなキーワードに強いのかを知ることが可能です。

App Annieで、様々なアプリのデータを知り、アプリ業界のトレンドを把握しましょう。