Grade 1 Learning Math, Phonics

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These activities help them learn new words and practice letter-sound relationships and are effective tools when it comes to teaching different maths concepts important at this stage – Addition, Subtractions(with 5 different ways like numberline method, counting down etc..) and Ordering Numbers.
Apart from this kids can also be creative keep themselves engaged with other fun games like drawing, coloring, joining dots, mazes and memory match.
Addition And subtraction are taught in a very interactive way using all the tools – figures, sticks and numberline. A teacher is also there to assist them.

a. Addition and Subtraction with help from numberline, finger counting, and a teacher to help with
b. Phonics Long Vowels words with bingo game
c. Phonics Blends and Digraphs Words with bingo game
d. Exhaustive Spelling List
e. Car racing addition game
f. Ascending and descending order
g. Drawing and Painting
h. Colouring the pictures
i. Amazing Mazes
j. Join the dots to find hidden pictures
k. Memory Match

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