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パブリッシャー: Hoa Nguyen
価格: トップ無料
互換性: iPhone & iPad


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Family Tracking is a FREE, SAFE and BELIEVABLE application that helps you connect to your friends or family members by location. You can real-time follow their location, get automatic notifications when your family comes and goes from home, work, school, gym… You can add any significant place for your family or friends group. You will not need to ask them: “Where are you?” “When will you be home?”… When receive coming/leaving a place notification, you know your family is safe. So you can make your plan perfectly.

Not only for your family, you can create groups for your lover or your friends to share your location. You can create dating places, travel places to get notification to know who come these places first.

Use Family Tracking app to:
* Real-time update location of your friends or your family members in each group
* View history movement of your group members in last 7 days.
* Receive notification when some one arrive or leave home, workplace, school…

How to use Family Tracking app:
► Step 1: Sign in app by Facebook / Google or using device identifier. Don't need to register account.
► Step 2: Create a new group or Join an existed group
If it’s the first time your family uses Family Tracking, you will create a new group for your family. Then you invite other members join your group by sending invite code.
If some one in your family created a family group, request them send invite code to join the group.
► Step 3: Track your group members location in home screen or view history
► Step 4: Add places (home, workplace, school, travel place …) that you want to get notification when your members in group come or leave.

Additional, you can make an alias name for group members (like Daddy, Honey, My Baby…) in Member menu. You can also change your group name in Group setting menu for more friendly.

GPS access and notification permission:
* To help features work properly, you should agree for app using GPS location “Always Allow”. We use our algorithms and context aware base location from Apple to save your device battery.
* App need notification permission to notify to you when some one come or leave a place. Your device need connect internet to send or receive notification.

Note: In background mode, app only update location after has a significant movement to save your device battery. So if you want your member see your location in real-time, please keep app open in foreground mode.

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM OR FEEDBACK, please contact us via email

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